Neuro-Sharing: Sharing Data and Tools in Neuroimaging

Neuro-Sharing is a one day satellite workshop of AIME-2009 devoted to the sharing of heterogeneous and distributed data and tools in the context of neuroimaging. It will be held in Verona on July 19th, in conjunction with AIME 09.

Scope and Objectives

Neuroimaging gathers advanced imaging techniques to study in vivo brain anatomy and function. It has a growing major impact on our understanding of complex brain processes under normal and pathological conditions. Research in this domain is data intensive: data sets are large (many Gb per subject), heterogeneous, coming from various imaging techniques with different spatial and temporal resolutions, and require, to be correctly exploited, additional information about their provenance. Researchers should integrate these large rich sources of brain data coming from disseminated centres to strengthen collaborative multi-centre studies, perform meta-analysis and knowledge discovery via data mining techniques. Moreover, to fully exploit neuroimaging data, many processing tools are currently developed in research laboratories. Tool sharing will facilitate their dissemination, their evaluation face to various datasets and the construction of robust heterogeneous data processing pipelines.

Recent advances have allowed overcoming many of the initial obstacles toward these objectives. Medical images are now in digital format and the DICOM standard facilitates the transfer of images and associated meta information. Grid architectures are now becoming available to healthcare communities enabling the management of large data sets. Specific recent projects have been launched in the US (BIRN, NA-MIC, ICBM, LONI) or Europe (NeuroLOG, IXI). Finally, suitable syntaxes (e.g. XML) and high level languages (e.g. OWL) have been designed to represent structured information such as metadata, related knowledge and data processing schemes.

However, many challenges remain for effective neuroimaging data and tools sharing and integration across multiple sources, such as ontology development for modelling data and methods in neuroscience, semantic interoperability for large-scale data integration, and management of data sharing policies and security issues.

In this perspective, the objective of the workshop is to gather researchers from different communities, especially from A.I., image processing, database, knowledge engineering and grid computing, interested to discuss the topics mentioned below in the context of Medical Image Computing.


Contributions are solicited in (but not limited to) the following areas: The program will be composed of keynotes addressed by invited speakers, as well as contributions of participants.


This one-day workshop will be held at Verona, Italy

Key Dates

* Deadline for electronic paper submission: May 5, 2009
* Notification of acceptance: June 12, 2009
* Early-bird registration deadline: June 15, 2009
* Workshop: July 19, 2009


* Paper size: 10 pages
* Format: PDF
* The workshop notes will be distributed to participants.

Similarly to the main conference papers, authors must submit manuscripts using the LNCS style. See this site for style files and details.
The program committee will coordinate the edition of a special issue of a peer reviewed journal, dedicated to domain of the workshop. A selection of the most salient papers will be made and the authors encouraged submitting an enhanced version of their manuscript for a peer review.

Papers must be submitted electronically through via this site.


* Michel Dojat (Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences, FR)
* Bernard Gibaud (VISAGES, FR)
* Gilles Kassel (MIS, Université d'Amiens, FR)

Program Committee (Under Contruction)

* Aldo Gangemi (CNR, Roma, IT)
* Marie-Christine Jaulent (INSERM, Paris, FR)
* Stefan Schultz (University of Freiburg, Friburg, DE)
* Jessica Turner (University of California, Irvine, US)
* Jenny Ure (University of Edimburgh, Edimburgh, UK)

Contact Infos


Local Organization

This workshop is supported by the NeuroLOG project, a National Research Action (ANR) sponsored by the French Ministry of Research.